Lectures Provided by Ferre Institute

The genetic counseling staff of Ferre Institute has lectured extensively throughout New York State and nationally. We have lectured to a variety of audiences, including but not limited to community groups, support groups, medical staff/grand rounds, students, and medical/healthcare conferences. We are glad to accommodate your group’s/institution’s lecturing needs. If you are not within our catchment area, we would be happy to help find a genetic counselor in your area to lecture to your group or you may search the NSGC directory (www.nsgc.org). We will also accept an honorarium to support our staff time.

Below please find a list of the lectures we have provided in the past. We are glad to meet your organization’s needs for a topic of your choice if you do not see an appropriate lecture below (for instance we will provide disease-specific lectures for your group).

  • Genetics in Everyday Life - A very general talk to introduce the advances in genetics to a general audience. The major theme of the lecture: We cannot change our DNA, but we can change our healthcare approach when we know about susceptibility to disease.
  • Incorporating Genetics Into Cardiovascular Practice - This talk will aim to encourage a practical office approach to integrating cardiovascular genetic risk assessment and genetic testing in cardiovascular care. Case reports will be used to illustrate the potential uses of cardiovascular genetic and genomic information to guide surveillance and treatment.
  • Cancer Topics – We lecture on a variety of cancer-related topics to medical providers and community groups, including:
    • Family history and genetic testing in oncology
    • Inherited breast cancer and how genetic testing is helpful
    • Genetic testing for family history of colon cancer
    • Family history of pancreatic cancer and genetic testing options
    • An overview of ovarian cancer
  • Personalized Medicine: Knowing Your Genome -The proliferation of commercial direct to consumer genomic tests raises new possibilities but raises questions about application. This lecture hopes to address these issues.
  • Genetics in Primary Care – A lecture targeted to primary care providers on how to incorporate family history and genetic testing into everyday practice.
  • Is there a role for Alzheimer’s disease testing? – An overview of the possible genetic tests and when it might be appropriate.
  • In- office genetic discussion: Practical tools for the clinician - This presentation aims to support medical offices’ efforts to introduce genetic testing into daily practice.
  • Ethnicity-based Carrier Screening – A lecture targeted to medical providers about the appropriate application and interpretation of screening tests for various genetic conditions which are more prevalent in certain ethnic groups. This lecture is particularly useful to those providing prenatal or preconceptional care.
  • Genetics in Everyday Life and Careers in Genetics - A lecture targeted to high school or college students about how genetics has become a part of our day-to-day lives, and the various careers that involve genetics, including Genetic Counseling.
  • First Trimester Screening - A lecture targeted to medical providers about background, application, strengths, limitations, and interpretation of first-trimester screening in obstetric care.
  • Preconception Care – This talk reviews the important concepts in preconception care, including fertility evaluation, psychosocial considerations, and minimizing risks for birth defects.

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Text for this site provided by Erin Houghton, MS, CGC Genetic Counselor, Ferre Institute, Inc