Our community-based genetics service assures access to genetic counseling for patients and their medical providers in the communities where they live and work, and promotes public awareness of genetics in everyday life.


How We Can Help You

  • Prenatal, pediatric and adult genetic consultation and evaluation.
  • Coordination of chromosome and DNA testing for various genetic conditions.
  • Familial cancer risk counseling.
  • Cardiovascular genetic counseling.
  • Questions regarding medications, drugs, infections, radiation, and chemical exposures that may be harmful during pregnancy.
  • Opportunities for families and individuals to discuss their questions and concerns.
  • Support counseling for families, couples, and individuals.

Who Can Refer To The Genetics Program?

Referrals may be made by any healthcare provider, including physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, midwives; or the individual or family can refer themselves. Detailed summary letters are sent to the patients and their physicians. Fees for counseling sessions can be discussed before the appointment. No individual or family is ever denied genetic services due to the inability to pay.

Who Can Benefit From Genetic Services?

  • Anyone concerned about a birth defect or other conditions in their family.
  • Individuals or couples who have had a history of infertility, multiple miscarriages, a stillbirth, or have experienced an early infant death in their families.
  • Individuals who have a hereditary disorder in their family.
  • Families with a relative who is developmentally delayed, autistic, learning disabled, or mentally retarded.
  • Women 35 years or older who are pregnant or considering a future pregnancy.
  • Persons concerned about exposure during pregnancy to medications, drugs, chemicals, infections, radiation, or certain work conditions.

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Text for this site provided by Erin Houghton, MS, CGC Genetic Counselor, Ferre Institute, Inc